Day of Tolerance

Day of Tolerance StickLady

I am merely a StickLady with a blog.  I do not have influence on a national scale.  I am not a celebrity or a news anchor.  I am not a mover or a shaker.  Still, I am proposing that America observe a Day of Tolerance.  I am hoping that my blog will allow me to reach a small audience  who may consider my suggestion.  I challenge you to observe one day of  open-mindedness.

For one day, make a concerted effort to listen to a new perspective.  You can choose the day, the time, and the method, as long as you vow to listen to an opinion that does not align with your own.   Perhaps you can change the news channel to one that does not represent your point of view. Buy a newspaper or read an online news feed that represents the opposing viewpoint.   Better yet, go online and google search a topic that is a hot-button issue for you.  Research that topic until you have a coherent, non-biased list of the differences that ignite debate.  I believe, if you can look at the facts without the emotion, you might find the differences are not quite so polarizing.

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1967 vs. 2017 – For What It’s Worth

Hit play and enjoy!

I started out searching for a song that sums up my feelings on the current state of affairs in our great country.  I googled  the term, “songs about free speech”.  I was surprised to find that the vast majority of songs that came up in my search were written in the 1960s.  The song that I chose to post, “For What It’s Worth”,  was written and recorded by Buffalo Springfield’s Stephen Stills at the end of  1966 and released in 1967.  It could have been written yesterday. Continue reading