Hate is not a Solution

Politics of HatePoliticians are using fear and hate as a means to gain power for their respective parties.  Hate is not a solution to any of America’s problems, so perhaps our leaders should devise a better  plan to address serious issues plaguing our country.

America deserves leaders who possess the talent to govern and achieve results without being divisive.  We cannot move forward to address important issues when every proposal is met by politicians running to the podium to twist the truth and spin the facts.  Solutions are not judged on their own merit but rather by the party who proposed them.  The welfare of  the American people has taken a back seat to partisan politics.

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The world has lost its charm

There are times when I truly dislike the world in which we live.  I sometimes feel that the more we evolve the less civilized we become. There is no doubt that advances in science and technology have made the world a better place.  There is no doubt that those advances have made our lives easier and have reduced suffering.  But what about our humanity?

Among the many places I have lived over the past few years, my favorite was a 150-year-old Victorian house.  Living in a historical house was an eye-opening experience.  It was a glimpse into the lifestyles of people now long gone.

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