Absence of Character

Absence of Character

In the wise words of Abraham Lincoln, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

I am struck by the blatant absence of character displayed by some political leaders today. Their insatiable desire for power causes them to engage in whatever tactics they deem necessary to advance their party and position.  They misrepresent facts and shamefully smear their opponents in order to manipulate the American people.  These politicians do not want to solve problems.  Rather they want to use problems as a weapon against their political enemies.

Our founders fought a revolution in order to take power from the government and give it to the people.  America was never intended to be a nation led by self-serving politicians.   Our founders understood that they were entrusted to speak for the people.  They possessed integrity which is  a quality now scarcely found in our nation’s capital. Continue reading

Be Merry!

Be Merry!

The holiday season is my favorite time of year.  As soon as Halloween is over, I begin my gift shopping and tune into the Hallmark Channel.  While everyone else is complaining that the stores are rushing through the holidays too fast, I am reveling in Christmas music.  If it were possible, I would climb into a Currier and Ives print and stay there until I was forced to return to reality in January.

As corny as it sounds, there really is something about the holiday season that seems to bring out the best in people.  It reminds us of simpler times and conjures up storybook images of friends and family gathered in front of the fireplace drinking hot cocoa.  Who doesn’t love that?

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Hate is not a Solution

Politics of HatePoliticians are using fear and hate as a means to gain power for their respective parties.  Hate is not a solution to any of America’s problems, so perhaps our leaders should devise a better  plan to address serious issues plaguing our country.

America deserves leaders who possess the talent to govern and achieve results without being divisive.  We cannot move forward to address important issues when every proposal is met by politicians running to the podium to twist the truth and spin the facts.  Solutions are not judged on their own merit but rather by the party who proposed them.  The welfare of  the American people has taken a back seat to partisan politics.

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Shame on You!

Shame StickLady

This post is for all those who never miss an opportunity to politicize a tragedy, no matter how inappropriate.

It is also for those who use the words racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. to slander good people and shut down free speech.

Is there no line you will not cross?

Shame on you!




Are we still Patriots?

Patriots StickLady

When President Trump spoke to the UN General Assembly in September of 2017, he asked the question, “Are we still patriots?”  He directed that question not only to members of the international community but also to the American people.  For me it was a very somber moment.  I never imagined a day when an American President would have to ask that question.  It is both sad and alarming.  What is more discouraging is that I do not know if all Americans would answer that question with a resounding yes.

The founders of this great country were willing to die for the very idea of America.  They never wavered in their allegiance to their new home and their dream of living in freedom.  They were willing to pay with their lives to defend their new country.

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Attention Celebrity Court Jesters!

Attention all you celebrity activists who feel the need to lecture Americans on political and social issues.

You may think we look up to you and hang on your every word. This is probably a result of your egotistical nature and juvenile need to be the center of attention.   Let me clarify what we really think of you.

You are the world’s Court Jesters.

You exist only because we, your audience, grant you our attention. Your purpose is to entertain us.  We do not need your guidance to live our lives appropriately.  If we need guidance, we will consult smart people who are qualified to offer it.

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Mainstream Media Manifesto

The people of America are becoming casualties of the Mainstream Media Manifesto.  There are members of the media who have gone off the rails and forgotten their purpose.  The job of the media is to disseminate news and information to the people of America.  They are not elected officials nor are they the fourth branch of government.  Yet they are actively using their platform to manipulate and influence Americans.

What exactly is the goal of the mainstream media?  Do they have an agenda that includes undermining the principles upon which America was founded?  Have they taken sides in a power struggle between political parties?  Have they made a calculated decision to promote violence in our streets?  Are they willing to risk the abolition of the first amendment in order to achieve their goals?  No matter what your political affiliation, be afraid of the tactics being employed by some in the media to advance their own agenda.
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Just Zip It!

Just Zip It!

Each morning, I turn on cable news to find out what is going on in the world.  I flip through all the different news channels in an effort to expose myself to more than one point of view.  I try to tune in to each channel for at least 15 minutes so that I have an opportunity to listen to several different personalities.  Some days, those 15 minutes are as unnerving as nails on a chalkboard.  News anchors have turned into political activists.  Political pundits present opinions as facts.  News stories are cherry-picked to support one narrative or the other.  The hearts and minds of the American people are being influenced by a media which has lost its ability to present the facts without the bias.

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George Washington’s Farewell Prophecy

StickLady as George Washington

Before leaving office as our nation’s first President, George Washington composed a Farewell Address to the people of the United States.  He felt the need to impart his final thoughts regarding the future of the new nation.  One of his foremost concerns was his belief that political parties would eventually divide and weaken the country.  His words have proven to be a prophecy now playing out in today’s headlines.

What would Washington think if he could witness our current political climate?  Political parties routinely incite discord among citizens in the hope of destroying the credibility and character of their opponents.  Their goal is to further their own agendas.  Politicians have forgotten that they were elected to represent the people — not the Democratic Party and not the Republican Party. Why then are we depending on partisan politicians to protect the legacy of America?

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