Hate is not a Solution

Politics of HatePoliticians are using fear and hate as a means to gain power for their respective parties.  Hate is not a solution to any of America’s problems, so perhaps our leaders should devise a better  plan to address serious issues plaguing our country.

America deserves leaders who possess the talent to govern and achieve results without being divisive.  We cannot move forward to address important issues when every proposal is met by politicians running to the podium to twist the truth and spin the facts.  Solutions are not judged on their own merit but rather by the party who proposed them.  The welfare of  the American people has taken a back seat to partisan politics.

Every piece of legislation is met with cries of impending doom.  Every tragic event in the news is followed by a chorus of hateful accusations and vitriolic name-calling.  Politicians seem less interested in solving problems and more interested in seizing opportunities to score political points.  They use the platform we have given them to call out their opponents and political enemies instead of  working toward solutions that benefit the American people.

Do not give up on the notion that there are still leaders with character and integrity.  Although it is sometimes difficult to hear their voices among all the noise, do not lower your standards or give up on civility.  Reject those who use hateful rhetoric and reward those who remember that they serve the people not the party.  Hold them accountable every time you cast a vote.





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