Mainstream Media Manifesto

The people of America are becoming casualties of the Mainstream Media Manifesto.  There are members of the media who have gone off the rails and forgotten their purpose.  The job of the media is to disseminate news and information to the people of America.  They are not elected officials nor are they the fourth branch of government.  Yet they are actively using their platform to manipulate and influence Americans.

What exactly is the goal of the mainstream media?  Do they have an agenda that includes undermining the principles upon which America was founded?  Have they taken sides in a power struggle between political parties?  Have they made a calculated decision to promote violence in our streets?  Are they willing to risk the abolition of the first amendment in order to achieve their goals?  No matter what your political affiliation, be afraid of the tactics being employed by some in the media to advance their own agenda.

Despicable news anchors regularly present their opinions as facts.  Others make disrespectful and inappropriate remarks about our leaders.  Is their goal to desensitize people to the blatant disrespect which has become the norm?  The media continually and relentlessly bombard Americans with misinformation intended to fan the flames of anger and fear.  Frightened people are more easily manipulated.  Do these media bottom feeders have an ounce of integrity?

At this moment, free speech is under attack in America.  In fact, we may have already lost our right to speak without threat of violence.  Would you walk out in public wearing a hat or a shirt that reveals your political affiliation?  Do you feel comfortable sharing your views on hot-button issues such as abortion, transgender rights, or immigration?  Was there a time when you did feel safe expressing your views in America?  If so, ask yourself what has changed?

The media is supposed to be the watchdog that protects the values laid out in our constitution. Instead,  they use scare tactics that escalate into mob violence to achieve their goals.  Their manifesto has become a threat to our way of life.  No matter what your personal beliefs and political leanings, you should be able to speak freely in America without fear of retribution.  In order to have free speech, you must be willing to stand up for speech with which you disagree.

I do not say that we should refuse to listen to opposing arguments.  It is imperative that we stay informed.  There are still a few remaining in the media who have an interest in presenting the facts and educating viewers on both sides of the aisle.  Seek them out so that you can make up your own mind about our current state of affairs.  There must be middle ground.  What I say is that we should not reward hate mongers and instigators.  Tune them out.  The bottom feeders live and breathe on TV ratings and internet hits.  If they will not hold themselves to a higher standard, then we should do it for them by tuning them out.

The people have the power.  The people have always had the power.  This country was founded by people who did not want to be told what to do, how to act, or what to think.  Some of them died for that privilege.  Yet the mainstream media now conspires to manipulate Americans and threaten our current system of government because they think they know better than the founders.  Must we lose our great country before we realize there is no better place and no better way?