I had this really strange feeling that I was being phased out of my own life

Like most people, my life consisted of a long list of responsibilities and obligations that I assumed would continue long into my twilight years. But the universe got off kilter and altered my future in a way that I did not anticipate. As a result, all of the items on my very hectic “to do” list seem to have gotten “done” prematurely.

As a single working mom, my life revolved around raising my two daughters. We lived in a cute little house nestled in an adorable town surrounded by a wonderful sense of security and belonging. I called it my “nest”. It was the place where I was raising my baby birds. That house was the only thing that held me to the ground in the midst of all the fears and struggles that went with being a single parent. Unfortunately, circumstances led to the necessity of having to sell my house just as my last child left home and entered college. When I left that place, I left behind a sense of home that I have never been able to recapture.

My two children have done quite well. They have long since graduated from college, landed great jobs, and are living on their own. I am in touch with them frequently either by phone or text and see them occasionally. They have very busy and full lives. They are both wonderful people and I am extremely proud of them.

I have gotten remarried to a wonderful man whom I love very much. I never expected to have a second chance to share my life with someone special. My husband has a great job and is very dedicated to his career. He works long hours and travels quite a bit. I too had a long-time job that kept me very busy. Recently, after 19 years of employment, I lost that job when my company suddenly shut down.

I now have quite a bit of time to reflect on the past and wonder about the future. I realize that, one by one, the roles that have defined my life have either changed dramatically or been phased out completely. I was feeling as though I had nothing left to contribute. I was becoming a bit depressed. Then I remembered something I had tucked away in the back of my mind long before I was anyone’s mother, wife, or employee.

I have always wanted to write.

This is my first real attempt at writing and I am not sure where it will lead me. I am hoping that the phasing out of my old life gives way to new and exciting opportunities and experiences. I am anxious to learn from others in the writing community and welcome your advice and feedback.



2 thoughts on “I had this really strange feeling that I was being phased out of my own life

  1. Kathleen says:

    I think this is a wonderful new adventure for you. Remember life is a roller coaster, the ups and downs are what makes it worthwhile. This new path is just what you need and I am looking forward to reading your novel. Congratulations on this big step into your inner self, let go and have fun with it ❤️️ Write from your heart and I’m positive it will be great.

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